AI White Shark
Behavioual Prediction

Shark attack risk mitigation

Apex predators are both key to our survival as a species and dangerous to both humans and the animal in the event of interaction.

ESpy has an environmental factors based AI that has shown success in predicting the 'next' movement of Great White Sharks.

ESpy have been working for the past year with Adelaide University and the The Department for Regional NSW, Fisheries on a project to predict the movements of white sharks based on environmental factors.

This has massive ramifications for the protection of swimmers at beaches. The ongoing international tagging and monitoring programs are demonstrating that there are sharks near regular surfing and swimming spots for the majority (if not all of the year). The conditions under which attacks occur are also well known but occur far more regularly than attacks do. Thus, we know that sharks are present and that the conditions for attack regularly occur, with sharks and humans in close proximity.

The missing piece of the puzzle is an understanding of what changes the behaviour of the shark from benign cohabiter to aggressive predator. This is where our research comes in.

Whilst the media attention tends to focus on shark nets and other physical systems, the emergence of AI should be a key part of the conversation.

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