Dark vessel detection

Detection of surface and semi-submerged vessels without
VMS, AIS or radar and where camoflague may be used.


ESpy Ocean can detect dark vessels
  - No AIS, VMS or radar
  - Vessels trying to disguise themselves
  - Semi-submerged vessels including 'narco subs'

Ocean Intelligence
ESpy Ocean:
  - provides the ultimate tools for anti-poaching and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and transport vessels.
  - reports are online, timely and provide key decision making information

The coverage provided by ESpy is significantly greater than that which can be achieved with drones or manned aircraft
  - Large area coverage
  - Multiple target detection
  - Not weather dependant

When compared to a manned aircraft or drone, ESpy’s subscription fee is exceptionally competitive and cost effective, providing significant cost savings for a much more comprehensive coverage.

Integrity is maintained as there is no way for a vessel to know it is being observed

Safety of operators is also increased, since patrol vessels are informed of activity in their area before they encounter it physically

Ongoing risk assessment, ESpy maintains an ongoing database which is analysed to provide informed data in regard to individual vessel ‘habits’ and the activity patterns for various areas and fisheries. This allows organisations to plan for operations and maximise their physical presence.

Why ESpy Ocean is your better solution

Your task is to respond to vessels in your jurisdiction.
  - Our job is to tell you where they are and what they are.

ESpy Ocean provides the most effective solution for detecting anti-poaching and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) defence, fishing and transport vessels

Information is provided in secure online user interfaces. Reports can cover areas greater than 120km x 120km.

ESpy Ocean is currently at the cutting edge of semi-submerged and submerged vessel detection.

We are not an image processing firm and we do not use restrictive visual processing methods, nor do we rely on VMS, AIS or radar transmissions.


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